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About us

Roselia barnehage is a kindergarten that startet up in 1999 and is located in the center of Lisleby, Fredrikstad.

Roselia barnehage is ovend by all the parents, thay have to pay a share, which they get back when the child no longer attend the nercery.

When a child has been given a place at our kindergarten, the offer applies until the child starts school.


Our nersery is devided into four groups:

Gullstjerna: 14 children from 0-3 years old

Stjernetoppen: 14 children from 0-3 years old

Månelys: 24 children from 3-6 years old

Himmelblå: 24 kids from 3 - 6 years old.



06.45 am - 17.00 pm

(Three weeeks in the summer  08.00 am - 16.00 pm)

The staff has 5 planning sessions throughout the year. The Kindergarten will be closed on those days. You can find the dates on the schedule for the year.

If there is anything you wonder about, please contact us

Phone nr: 468 20 636



You will recieve a letter with the date and group your child will start in.

When the child starts in Roselia barnehage, it's important that one of the parents accompanies him/her the first few days. It is also a good idea that the child can stay for a shorter period of time these few days so the transition from home to nersery will be smoother. Allow the child to take a cuddly toy, dummy or other comforter to feel secure. We will want to hear what you as parents think is important for your child.

A good and safe start can prevent difficulties at a later stage.

Parents have to bring and collect the child. This is important so that home and nersery can establish good relations, and for safety reasons. We expect to be informed if anyone else is coming to collect the child.



If the child is sick or for other reasons cannot come, you have to inform the kindergarten.

Well enough or sick?

"Is my child well enough to go today?" That is a question you probably will ask yourself many times. To decide whether your child can come or should stay at home, you should base the decision on the child's need. A sick and listless child needs a lap to sit on, quietness and care. In a nersery there will by many other children sho demand attention from the staff. The child can return when he/she feels strong enough to particioate in the normal activities both indoors and outdoors. Consult the staff if you are uncertain. If your child gets sick in the nursery, the parents will be contacted.


Collaboration between home and nersery.

An important part of collaboration will take place through daily contact. Daily talk and contact between the staff and parents is very important. When you bring your child we have the opportunity to exenge information about the child.

Expectations to parents:

  • tell the nersery if the child is sick or takes a day off, before 09.30 am.
  • make sure your child has enough extra clothes
  • bring nappies if the child uses that
  • bring a pram if the child needs to have a nap during the day
  • tell the staff if there is something they need to know so the child will have as good a day as possible
  • give the staff feedback if anything out of the ordinary has occured.
  • please ask if you have any questions.


Parents meetings

We have 1-2 meetings a year. These will be arranged in the evening.


Parents consultations

There will be arranged 2 parents consultations a year.  The conversations will resolve around the child's development and general well-being on a dayli basis. If necessary, both parents and staff can arrange extra consultations.



We celebrate the child's birthday in the following manner: the child recieves a crown, everybody sings a birthday song, sits on a birthday chair and the child will get a lot of attention. Parents don't have to bring anything.


Daily rhythm

This varies from group to group.

06.45 The nersery opens

08.30  Breakfast

10.00  Activities indoors/outdoors

11.30/12.00 Lunch


14.00/14.30  Fruit

17.00 The nersery closes




All children have to have 4 weeks holiday every year, and at least 3 weeks in the summer.




We provide breakfast, lunch and a fruit meal every day. Once a week we serve a hot meal.

We aim that the food we provide should be healthy and nutritious and contain vary little sugar. We make the hot meals from scracht


Clothes and equipment:

Children and adults spend a lot of time outside every day and need clothes which are suitable for all weather. Every child gets his/her on shelf where thay can have there own clothes. Parents are asked to keep this in order.

Parents must provide a change of clothes depending on seasons. It is important to have at least one change of clothes on the shelf. Underwear, pants, socks and sweater, rainwear and boots.

In the winter: gloves, hat, scarf, warm mittens, wool underwear. Fleese-clothes, warm wintershoes and a thick overall.

Children must have indoor shoes, sandals og slippers to use indoors. All clothes and footwear must be marked with the childs name (rainwear, boots, gloves, underwear and socks)



We have educated and well-trained staff who will secure your child a good nersery education.

It's importent for us that children feel confident in us adults, so we priority to get to know the children well when they start in our kindergarten.

Norway is a multi-religous and multicultural society. So our kindergarten reflects and respects the diverity represented by groups of children. We also include values and traditions from Christian cultural heritage. 

The children need good care and good opportunities for activities and development.


Roselia barnehage:

"The good kindergarten, where all children can flourish"